Tips and Tricks - Black Matte Bathroom Fittings

Taking care of black matte fixtures

So, what's the deal?

You've just installed your lovely new black matte tap or shower and you can marvel in your now catalogue-worthy bathroom. But wait! Before you go, we think there's a few things you should know about looking after your rather unique looking taps.

You can get away with cleaning things in your bathroom by spraying them with a general bathroom cleaner and wiping. However, for black matte products, due to the process of creating the finish, extra care must be taken for cleaning.

It may be that whatever you already use to clean your bathroom is perfectly suitable for black matte fixtures, but others might be less fortunate - one spray and their sleek finish can become discoloured and tarnished - and we want to help you avoid that ever happening. Our electroplated finish means that the black matte surface is durable, but care must be taken. Firstly, we strongly recommened against using anything like a sponge/scourer for cleaning - infact, anything with any degree of roughness to its surface is advised against.

Next come the cleaners. Harsh chemical cleaners can begin to dull and tarnish the finish. We also advise against any kind of metal polish or waxes.

What we recommened: Very simply, a soft microfibre cloth with warm water - that's all! Clean the surface gently, in smooth circles, ensuring you don't apply too much pressure.

So, what's the deal?

These single body styles mix the hot and cold water in the body of the tap and are suitable for basins with one tap hole. We have a choice of a basin mixer with two handles either side of the tap or the monobloc basin mixer which controls the flow and temperature of water through a single lever, which is more contemporary, neater and easier to use.

We also have the tall mono basin mixer which is great for complimenting any modern bathroom.

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