Bar Mixer Shower Kits

Beautiful Bar Mixer Shower Kits

Buy a bar mixer shower kit from Bathroom Republic and experience the best quality on bar showers in the market. Stylish and built to last, we stock an all-encompassing variety of bar mixer shower kits that matches any bathroom setup perfectly.

Our bar mixer showers come as complete kits, which comprise of the shower mixer valve, hand-held shower head, shower hose and either the riser rail or bracket. The standard thermostatic bar mixer shower components are cast in solid brass to last you a long time. They are then given a resilient chrome plated finish to bring a gleaming finish to your bathroom.

At Bathroom Republic, we strive for both sophistication and practicality, supported by our guarantee, which is available for the next ten years for absolutely no additional cost. This means you can obtain peace of mind when buying from us.

Assured Safety

Safety is of course important and we always bear this in mind when designing our bar mixer shower kits. All of our bar mixer shower valves are designed to the highest possible standards and adhere to thermostatic safety guidelines. Our thermostatic bar mixer units are also laid out to prevent scalding by stopping the water from exceeding 38°C (can be increased with a safety button) assuring your family security at all times.