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We have a wide range of trims available in a number of different colours and sizes to compliment the panels you have chosen. Our multipurpose trims are ideal for providing a neat and clean finish for any internal corners in your home, and our external corner trim and external angle can be used around windows or protruding external corner. We also provide end caps which are great for starting or finishing a run of panels as well as providing a neat finish for door frames.

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Cladding Trims Explained

As walls in the house are rarely perfeclty flat, or straight, there can be unsightly gaps left after the cladding has been fitted.

In most of these situations, a trim will be needed to cover up the cuts and gaps that are unsightly. This can be around internal and external edges, walls, ceilings and floors. Trims also server the purpose of providing a nice clean edge to enhance the cladding, rather than just leaving the silicone.