Buying Guides - Showers

If you are thinking about changing your shower you may well have looked around a few bathroom shops and been surprised by the number of choices you have. Even choosing a shower valve can be a confusing business so here's a guide to tell you what is what when it comes to showers.

Thermostatic Showers

A thermostatic shower valve allows you to accurately set the temperature of the water and it also provides a constant and even temperature.

They also shut off rapidly in the event of a hot or cold supply failure to prevent scalding or thermal shock.


Concealed Valves

A concealed shower valve is built into the shower wall so that all pipework and most of the valve is hidden and only the control levers are visible.


1 Outlet Shower Valves

This is the simplest option for showers - with two controls for a single outlet. The top dial controls water flow to one outlet such as the showerhead or handset, and the bottom dial controls water temperature.


2 Outlet Shower Valves

Two way-showers valves come in two configurations - either with 2 or 3 controls - for added functionality. The upper dials controls the water flow to two outlets such as either the shower head and bath filler and the bottom dial controls water temperature.


3 Outlet Shower Valves

Three-way shower valves are the most versatile in our range allowing you to use up to 2 outlets simultaneously from 3 different outlets.