Instant Boiling Water Taps

So, what's the deal?

Maybe you've seen an advert, or you've spotted one at a friends house - just what is the deal with these taps?

They offer, as the name implies - instant boiling water at the press of a button - making them possibly the most useful addition to any kitchen because of their convenience and serviceability plus the time they save, which is so important especially living in an age when everyone expects instant results.

For example, in busy mornings there’s no need to fill and wait for the kettle to boil and when you’re pressed for time, that cup of tea must be ready - quickly!

Or, in a hectic evening, preparing fresh vegetables is a blast - just turn on the tap and your vegetables are ready for cooking!

Perhaps this sounds great, but you're also a concerned parents thinking of their young children? Don't worry, rest-assured that they are completely safe because our taps come with a safety feature so there’s no risk of accident.

Whats wrong with just using a kettle?

Great question! Did you know, a report from The Energy Saving Trust calculated that Britain wastes £68,000,000 a year on electricty to boil kettles. That's because, for the majority of times we use a kettle, we'll boil more water than is needed - and that's where Instant Boiling Water taps come in!

With an Instant Boiling Water tap, you'll only ever use the amount of water that you really need - just turn off the tap when done.

All of our Instant Boiling Water taps also support filters, meaning another advantage is that every drop of your boiling water has passed through a ceramic water filter, giving you delicous, filtered water free from impurities and limescale.

So, what are you waiting for? Save money and time today with an Instant Boiling Water Tap!

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